Website Offers

We build custom websites. That means the prices will be variable and you will save if you don't need certain features. The lists below are examples of the most used website packages.


Perfect for startups that want to start small and affordably, but also want the option to expand further later on

All-included for



Perfect for freelancers, starting entrepreneurs, and compact companies

All-included for




Perfect for larger companies with more data traffic and requiring more customization

Starting from


What is an One-Pager Website?

A One-Pager is what it sounds like. A single landing page designed for you and put online with everything you need. The page can also have a contact form with which customers can reach you. This is the cheapest package you can think of that also offers everything you need to start your business.

At Vixio you always have the option to later upgrade your One-Pager to a more extensive website. As you grow, the site can grow with you.

What is the Starter package?

The Starter Package was made with start-ups and freelancers in mind. What you get is an affordably priced package that has everything you need to get started. From there, you can scale as your business grows.

What you get is a uniquely designed website that leaves an unforgettable impression on your visitors. We will fill 5 pages together. In most cases this will be the Homepage, the About Us page, a Contact page, etc. The site also includes contact forms that are linked to your personal email domain, so customers can reach you in a professional manner.

What is the Premium Package?

The Premium package is made for the companies with greater needs. This is the true all-in-one package that delivers everything you need as a business. From graphic designs to the Website to create the most impressive presentation.

What you get is a uniquely designed website that leaves an unforgettable impression on your visitors. We will fill 10 pages together. In most cases this will be the Home page, the About Us page, a Contact page, a Services pages and more depending on your needs.

Quick and clear support

We make it our responsibility that you get what you pay for. A full functional website without any issues. We are always available in case any issues arrive and we make it our mission to fix any issue the same day. With a team of fluent English and Dutch communicators we have no issue explaining and clarifying anything you need to know.

What are the Standard Features?

24/7 Support

We are always ready to help you. No questions without answers and no problems without solutions

Premium Stock Photos

If you don't have enough photo material for your products and services yourself, we will provide the absolute best material for you.

Contact forms

Visitors will be able to contact you through your site. This means that you passively receive new leads and customers.

Modular Prices

Only pay for what you need. The prices are variable and you will therefore save if you do not need certain features.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our years of experience and focus, we almost always manage to have your website ready and online within 1 week

Hyper Fast Loading Times

Thanks to our Hypercaching technology, your visitors will not experience loading times even if you get a visually complex site

What are the Extra Features?

The range of website features is almost endless and often depends more on what you can come up with. Below are the most chosen additions to give you an idea. Do you want something that is not listed? Feel free to add a description in the quote.

The level of design you can expect